Do you dress to impress or just for comfort?

What really can draw your attention is dressing style in Ukraine. In America I can see women wearing sport pants, or even pajamas, no matter where they go, even to a coffee shop or their classes.

American women dress only for comfort, but in Ukraine dressing culture is completely different. Compared to US mostly Ukrainian women wear heels and do makeup on a regular basis.

Flip-flops. I’ve realized that Americans can wear flip-flops everywhere, even with combination with business suit after work. They just don’t care and comfort is in the foremost place for them. In Ukraine it’s almost impossible to see adequate Ukrainian women in sport flip-flops and leggings in shopping center or another public place.

When I’ve been studying in National Aviation University in Kyiv, so we had a dress code and it was prohibited to wear shorts or flip-flops. There even was a time when we wore a uniform. In most American universities or colleges wearing sport clothes is norm and I was very surprised to see students wearing short shorts

For example, if you plan to visit a theatre in Ukraine, be prepare to wear some business casual style. Sport clothes is inappropriate in such kind of places.

And one more interesting thing!!! Walking NYC streets in winter, many times I’ve met women wearing dresses or skirts without tights or just a jacket with scarf without any coat. How do they feel walking and having red legs as a reaction to cold temperatures? In Ukraine during winter season people usually wear warm clothes: hat, scarf and gloves. There is a common expression in Ukraine “Heat breaks no bones”. 🙂